You Bred Raptors? – Hammond – 87%

Hammond cover art

I found this band purely on a whim because of their amazing name, which is a nod to Jurassic Park if you haven’t figured it out. From what I’ve gathered this is their debut effort and they like to play in New York Subways. Oh, and they’re a 3 piece with an 8 string bassist that occasionally plays a glockenspiel and a toy piano, a drummer who also sometimes plays the latter and a cello player player. Got that? Alright, because you’ve never heard a band like this in your life before. Post-Rock is a genre filled with unique bands with intriguing sounds but You Bred Raptors? might be the king of originality. The bass and cello compliment each other perfectly competing for the spotlight. These guys have absolutely mastered the use of a classical instrument in post-rock. Nice Wings, Icarus should give this album a listen and take notes! You certainly can’t call this album 3rd wave post-rock yet it’s certainly not in the tortoise/Slint styling either. I feel like this album is almost a perfect entry-level post-rock album. You get all the feel of post-rock song structure and concept without the spiraling guitars and epic walls of sound that come crashing down on your ears upon first experiencing a TWYDY or Caspian type band. Fantastic effort, can’t wait to see where this band goes from here. Must listen to album of 2012. 3-23-12

Available for $10 on bandcamp. These guys deserve your support.


2 thoughts on “You Bred Raptors? – Hammond – 87%

  1. This was not their debut effort! Huge YBR? fan here.. thought I’d throw that out there. Check out “Muldoon” and “Lex & Tim”. Both are available on their bandcamp

    I personally like the complete package from Muldoon a little bit more than Hammond, but to each their own. YBR? is amazing!

    • Yeah, I definitely made a mistake here and didn’t do all my research. I’ve gotten into the band more since writing the review and Muldoon is a hell of an album.

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