Pelican – Ataraxia / Taraxis EP – 93%

Ataraxia/Taraxis cover art

Huh? All of these songs are under 6 minutes. Is this the same Pelican that just a few years ago led us marching into the sea for 20 minutes? Yep, same Pelican! The intro song features a beautiful tune played over the building of a wall of guitar static. Lathe Biosas starts, an uptempo but downtuned masterpiece. This song is an instant classic and sounds like it could be right off of Australiasia. Parasite Colony is a more sludge-ish, slow paced and atmospheric jam that fits right in here. The EP wraps up with Taraxis, that starts off as one of the softer Pelican tracks in recent memory before finishing sludgingly strong. Absolutely fantastic range of sounds here and for an EP the mixing is fairly complex. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Pelican. 3/20/12

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