Hands of the Templar – Explore – 85%

Explore cover art

This one track epic, at 56 minutes in length is officially the longest post-rock song in my catalog. As you might expect, this one builds for quite a long time. While it is indeed an atmospheric album, there are definitely early post-rock influences to be found here, i.e. the sporadicness of a Don Cabellero or Slint. The final 5 or 6 minutes of this album is where it really shines in all it’s post-rock glory as the intensity picks up and it feels less experimental and takes a more “finish strong” vibe. This is really something special, a song, nearly an hour long that was able to keep me interested throughout the majority of it. I’m not really sure how to give it a proper grade. Something this long is obviously highly creative and takes craftsmanship and effort. For that, I feel it deserves to be an essential album for any post-rock fan. It’s epic and it deserves to be heard by anyone who enjoys longer post-rock i.e. March into the Sea by Pelican, Sunless Country by Bleaklow, any GY!BE song…but it’s no album of the year. 3/22/12

Pay what you want at Bandcamp:  http://handsofthetemplar.bandcamp.com/album/explore


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