Capillaries – Into The History of Light – 80%

Into the History of Light cover art

I had only heard one song off this album prior to checking it out since I had liked what I heard. This album sounds eerily similar to This Will Destroy You and is well within the “3rd wave” post-rock styling. My biggest problem with this album and 3rd wave post-rock bands in general is that most do not offer a unique approach to the genre. You could slap a totally different band name and album title on this album and in 6 months I would think it was a new album by a new band. But on that note, it’s hard to mess up post-rock and even average post-rock deserves a B in my opinion. This is a promising young band, I just hope their second act they start to develop more of their own sound. 3/3/12

Available for only $5 on bandcamp:


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